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The phone rang at 8:15 this morning. It was RSC calling to tell me to come it, transfer today, no blastocyst transfer for me. Unsurprising really, but disappointing because my mental discipline had slipped and I'd started hoping again. I really should not do that, it's not good for me.

A measure of just how I can stupid I can be about this when I let myself hope is my immediate reaction when the phone rang again ten minutes later. Of course I had waited until after the call from RSC to get psychohist out of bed, no point getting him up early if we didn't have to be anywhere. When the phone rang about a minute after he'd stepped into the shower my first thought was that it might be RSC calling saying "Oops, nope, come in Monday." And as nice as that would have been, there was a brief flash of annoyance thinking that I had cruelly removed my husband from his nice warm bed for no reason. Of course, it was all foolishness, the person calling wanted to talk to Warren, I'm guessing to ask him for a political contribution. I fear that my 'He is not available and now is not a good time,' was on the short and icy side, but really, 8:25 on a Saturday morning is not a good time unless it's really important whether or not the person you are calling is about to see what might be salvaged from the latest doomed attempt to procreate.

Transfer went as usual. I really wish they would go over embryo quality earlier than right before transfer. The suspense is not exactly pleasant, and getting the news on a full bladder isn't ideal. This time around we transfered a 7BF, 6BF, and 4BF. Those were the best three. So, 7 cells, 6 cells and 4 cells, all with between 5% and 25% fragmentation, and fair cell symetry. There were other embryos, but none will end up frozen. All the rest were over 25% fragmented, and just don't stand a good chance. In the interests of trying to get more data we have asked them to continue to culture the three 4CF embryos we have, just to see at what point they expire. We have transferred that type of embryo in the past, so it would be nice to know if those things are already dead when they look like that, or whether they might manage to divide some more. I don't think they're going to bother with the 2DP (2 cells, >50% fragmentation, poor symetry), and you can't really blame them. It's nice of RSC to do this for us. It's an unusual request given that we know they're unsuitable for freezing, but I think they understand that this being our forth IVF we want whatever information they can give us.

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