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I got the expected call from the nurse today. Our 13 eggs have yielded 9 embryos. That is not a bad number at all. I have to keep reminding myself that quantity is no guarentee of quality, and for us quality is also an issue. Still, it's hard not to be encouraged.

Now the big gamble. We'd said we wanted to try blastocyst transfer this time if at all possible. Our reasoning runs thusly: we don't know if any of my embryos have ever gotten to the blastocyst stage, and given that research seems to indicated that the largest percentage of embryos are lost at the transition to the blastocyst stage it seemed prudent to find if we could make an embryo that would survive that long. The advantage of doing blastocyst transfer is that for women like me who have had prior IVF failures pregnancy is much more likely in the case of a blastocyst transfer. Of course the big if in all that is, it's much more likely to happen if you have something to transfer on day 5. If we wait until day five we increase our chances of having nothing at all to transfer, if we do the usual thing and transfer on day 3 we're pretty likely to have something to transfer, but we know less about the embryos and it's more of a gamble as to whether they will take or not.

So, the plan is that RSC will call us tomorrow morning around 8:30. They will tell us whether to come for our 9:30 transfer appointment or whether we get to wait until Monday, when we presumably will get another call telling us if there is anything left then. In either case the three best (if we have that many) will be transfered. In the unlikely (but no longer insanely improbable) event that there are more than three decent looking survivors on day 5 the extras will be frozen for later use.

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