Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Matters of Timing

As soon as I knew it would happen this way, I knew that having my suppression check for IVF #4 on my 37th birthday would be ironically apporpriate. Really, nothing says 'happy birthday' like an ultrasound probe you-know-where.

The tech was talkative this morning. "What cycle is this for you," she asked in her rich Carribean accent.

"it's my fourth IVF," was my answer. I didn't bother to count the IUI with injectables or the other two IUIs, at least not out loud.

"It's just not happening is it," was her reply. I forget what my out-loud response was. All I know is that is was more polite than the one I was thinking. Thank you captain obvious.

And so I got wanded, and had my blood drawn, and got to work early. And there I waited for the call that I was supposed to be getting. I also listened to the voice mail that nurse Ditzy had apparantly left me last thing on Friday about a test that Warren needs to do over this week because it's just been so long since the last one.

By 4pm the call had not come, and I was getting nervous. I grew more anxious with each passing moment, remembering all to well that nurse ditzy has been know to just note down that she called even when she hadn't. I was going to be polite and wait until 4:30. I lasted until 4:23. Then I called and let them know that I hadn't been called, and could they please make sure I got my call.

At 4:46 my cell phone rang, just as I was starting to get truly nervous. It was Lena, one of the nursed. Not nurse ditzy, thank goodness. I won't give Lena a silly nickname because she does not need an alias. I have never met her face to face, but she sounds very competant and professional on the phone, traits I find very reassuring. She went over the protocols, and upon request confirmed that the dosage was appropriately high.

Cycle day one will be the 20th. I will start injections that night, 450 units of menopur a day, and I'll go back in for ultrasound and bloodwork on the 24th.

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