Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Finished Object

Some crafty blogging... I finished the first thing I've made for myself in a while.


I've done a lot of baby stuff recently. Some for Kaden and some for the yet-to-be-conceived baby I hope to have. It was time to make something for me. This is a nice, quick crochet tunic I did. I also have a cardigan that I'm knitting myself on needles, I've got six inches of both sleeves done and the body is complete. Of course I also have a cardigan in the works for Kaden. My baby on the other hand... I tried knitting bribe sweaters, during past IVFs, but I'm thinking s/he needs to make it as far as an actual positive pregnancy test before I start anything else for him/her. You need to be firm with children.
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