Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Tips your RE wont give you

I've been pondering posting about some of the things that your doctors don't tell you about IVF that it is still useful to know. So, in honor of IVF#4 for me, and IVF#1 for enugent, here it is.

  • Always do the subcutaneous injections in your belly. You may get told you can use other places, but the belly is totally the way to go. Go for the flabbiest bit of unbruised belly flab you can find.
  • If you accidentally put a needle into a bruised bit the injections site may bleed a tiny bit, choose your underwear accordingly.
  • Over 300 units of Follistim can sting a bit if you inject it all in one shot. It may seem counter-intuitive, but its actually much more comforatble to split the shot up and stick yourself twice.
  • If you wear stockings to work, thigh-highs and a dress are great for the day's you're getting ultrasounds. Less undressing and redressing required.
  • Save a vein for retrieval. Every-other-day blood draws will make your veins bruised and tender, no matter how good the person drawing the blood is. Keep one vein unused until retrieval and make the nurses stick the IV in that one, otherwise you'll be uncomfortable the entire time you've got the darn thing in.
  • Start with a high fiber diet the night after retrieval, otherwise suffer the progesterone-in-oil induced consequences.
  • If the PIO shots bother your husband more than they bother you, it's probably a sign that you married the right guy.
  • Bring something like knitting to do on the day of transfer, something that's enough to distract you from how full your bladder is, but not so tough that you can't do it while desperately holding it.
  • If the nurse offers you a bedpan for the time after transfer but before you're allowed to get up again, accept.
  • Don't get your hopes up.

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