Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Vote on the most likely inconveinent time!

Poll #1044288 Not so patiently awaiting the suppression cycle for IVF#4

When will I get my period?

Ten minutes after posting this.
Friday, 14DP0, just in time to spend 5 hours in the car
Saturday, 15 days after you think you ovulated, just in time to be uncomfortable of the entire games and not have access to good bathrooms
Sunday, just in time for the travel day from hell, the one where you're driving from Long Island to Boston, only to turn around and fly to DC
Sometime next week, during whichever session of Opnetwork is most interesting and useful to you.
Hey, even if the only mid cycle you-know was 36 hours after O you never know.... Hahaha! As if.

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