Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Let me explain...

So due to a combination of factors (feeling down about the whole thing, escaping into Warcraft, not being able to post during lunch at work) I have not been keeping my blog updated with my misadventures, reproductive and otherwise. Time to post an update already.

Due to Jedi mind tricks we will be trying an antagoist cycle locally. No lupron, Menapure instead of Follistim, and an antagon to keep me from ovulating too early. If this doesn't work the local folks are pretty much ready to wash their hands of my eggs. Then we try a cycle in New York, assuming that clinic will take us. If that doesn't show any better signs of working there is another option.

Margaret was up here a few weeks ago with her husband and Kaden, the world's mellowest baby. Margaret, as it happens, is three years, eight months and four days younger than I am. She is also apparently willing to turn herself into a human pin cushion to help me out. Of course she would need to get her period first, which is not going to happen until after she quits breastfeeding sometime in January, but considering we plan on two more attempts with my eggs that's fine for scheduling if it ever comes to that. Have I mentioned I have the best sister in the world?

In the mean time the nice people at Harvard Pilgrim have approved IVF#4. That's value for our health insurance dollars right there. My drugs are orded and due to arrive on Tuesday. I should get my period Friday, give or take a couple of days. Of course I will be driving to Long Island on Friday evening, driving back Sunday afternoon, and then getting on a plane for a week long conference in DC Sunday evening, so there are plenty of good opportunities in there for the red stuff to strike.</ljcut>

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