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Anyone who has ever taken progesterone in oil shots will be pleased to know that they are, in fact, necessary. I only had two this past time, what with not having anything to transfer. Yesterday, only ten days after retrieval the blood started, with a vengance. Obviously the retrieval did indeed muck with my ability to produce progesterone of my own, and thus next time we do IVF I will know that the shots are indeed necessary, not that I really doubted it.

There will be a next time. I am not going to give up on this. The debrief is set of July 9th. I have some questions, but I'm not too hopeful of getting the answers I want. Basically, I'm convinced that RSC screwed this one up, though I think the drug change hurt instead of helped. Really, I doubt that our doctor knows the particulars of what the folks at RSC do since they're essentially outsourcing the retrieval/transfer component to them, but it doesn't hurt to ask. The debrief may in fact be a goodbye. If RSC is our only option using Harvard Vanguard doctors then that will be it. We'll go elsewhere. I'm not sure exactly where yet. I'm still researching the answer, but the tea leaves are starting to look like they say 'go to Cornell'.

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