Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

You have failed me for the last time

So, when last we left Darth Wizbeth she had just had one of he imperial nurses report to her the time and coordinates for the retrieval mission. Clearly the ominous theme music was playing.

Retrieval was Wednesday. It was a different person doing the retrieval this time. He got only six eggs, even though I was pretty sure I had at least eight follicles in the right size range. It was disappointing. By Thursday I was thinking that he was not very good at the procedure. You see, normally I bounce right back after egg retrieval. I feel perfectly fine the next day. Not this time. The next day my ovaries were sore, I was cramping, and I was bleeding. It wasn't a lot of blood, but it was worriesome. The pain was not bad, but enough to be distracting. When I realized that I wasn't really following the linux training lecture anymore I realized that it was time to go home. I probably could have stayed and toughed it out, but of course my priority was that I had to have my body in the best shape possible by transfer on Saturday. To that end I stayed home on Friday when I continued to crap and spot and generally feel like something not very nice had happened to reproductive bits.

It seemed like a fine plan. Stay home, rest up, be in the best shape possible for transfer. The only wrinkle that I saw was that when I'd left work on Thursday I'd clearly not been altogether there and I had left my cell phone charging on my desk. The cell phone that I had repeatly told the clinic was the number they should call. The cell phone they would call that very day to let me know how many embryos we had and when to come in for transfer. Luckily harrock came to my rescue, collecting the cell phone, answering it and telling the clinic to call me at home, and then delivering the phone after work. Thanks to the rescue I successfully got the call telling us that we had three embryos and we should come in at 11:30 for a 12:30 transfer.

So there I was at 8:00 Saturday morning playing on the computer when the phone rang. I knew it was not good news. It was Reproductive Science Center, the folks who actually do the retrieval and transfer part of the procedure. They were calling to tell us not to bother coming in. The three embryos we'd had the previous day didn't make it.

They always tell you this sort of thing does happen. It's just never happened to us before. The previous two times we've always had the same number of embryos at transfer as the told us we had the day before. The thought I just couldn't get out of my head was 'how did they manage to kill all three of them?'

We've talked it over, and our feeling is that we do not want to use RSC again. I'm not sure if we can get Harvard Vanguard to work with any other place, and it could well be that insurance would not cover it. I've not been thrilled with RSC in the past, and they seemed to be clearly cutting corners this time trying to fit in 13 retrievals on the day I had mine. It might well be time to try someone else.

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