Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Strong with the Dark Side

Originally only twe was supposed to be in Linux training this week. As it turned out I arrived in to work early yesterday on account of having a 7:45 appointment for wanding and blood draw. As it also turned out, our boss came up to me and another guy in the group and said there was an empty space in Linux training and would either of us like to go? The other guy has been there more than a couple of months, and so claimed excessive backlog, so I went because the other option was to sit at my desk remaining ignorant while the company wasted training dollars that no one would benefit from. So there I was in Linux training.

The morning was quiet interesting. I aquired enough knowledge to well and truly screw up a linux box should I so desire. As the afternoon wore on the subject matter became less interesting (installing packages, use RPM, it has a help command so why do we need a couple of hours on this?), and I began to obsess over the fact that my cell phone was not ringing. Since I was expecting a call from the clinic telling me that I was supposed to trigger tonight at some specific time that night, and what time I should go in on Wednesday for egg retrieval. By 4:10 I was done with the latest lab, and I could not stand it any more. At this point my confidence that the clinic would manage to call me on their own was approaching zero, and I just had to know, because when to trigger is not something I can guess.

Lets just say that I seemed to have made an impression on the people at the clinic. The receptionist clearly knew exactly who I was from my first name alone, and I was promptly transferred to a nurse who assured me that my instuctions had just arrived on her screen this very moment and she had been checking religiously every ten minutes. You could practically see the storm troupers snapping to attention as my masked and cloaked hologram appeared on their display. I was given my instructions, assurred by the nurse I was talking to that unlike some other people she would never sign off as having called me when she hadn't, and that she would put in a request to get my obsolete work number removed from the system. After we concluded the call she called back two minutes later to make sure I knew to start the antiboitics on retrieval day. Some days it really does pay to be strong with the dark side of the force.

So there you have it. I triggered at 11pm last night. Retrieval is for 11am on Wednesday. I sent my boss an email confirming the plan to be out Wednesday, letting him know I'd also be unreachable for a while starting at 11. (Unreachable here is my euphamism for uncouncious.) I still haven't told him what is up. It seems a little unfair, not telling him seeing as how of the six of us in the group its only him and the other guy who aren't getting the blow-by-blow account. On the other hand we have very low cube walls at Spiffy New Job, and I'm not sure the entire floor wants to hear about just how spectacularly bad I am at reproducing.

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