Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Further Concerns

I had the morning follicle check. The good thing about the weekends is that the doctors do the calls for the patients, and my doctor is smart enough to call my cell phone.

The news is that I have a nice pack of follicles at 15mm and one that is 19mm. The plan is to go in again on Monday, with the idea that its likely we would trigger that night. That would make retrieval on Wednesday.

It was only after I got off the phone that the worry set in. What about the one at 19mm? What if it decides that it doesn't want to wait and I ovulate before them. I've certainly heard of it happening to at least one other woman. Then again, how good was the measurement? Its a different tech on the weekends, and that follicle was only 15.5mm on Thursday. I don't know.

I guess that given how the cycle has been going so far I really don't feel like I'm being paranoid or pessimistic to worry about the worst happening.

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