Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Shots in the Dark

Yesterday morning I had yet another appointment that involved getting blood out of my shy veins and having an ultrasound probe getting up close and personal with my insides. Now, the whole point of my leaving the house at 7:15 on these occasions instead of going to the gym or spending another 90 minutes in bed is so that my body can be monitored and adjustments can be made to my medications if necessary. So, the idea is that you go in and get the tests, and then one of the nurses calls you back that afternoon with instructions.

Can we see where this is going yet?

At 4:20pm yesterday I had still not gotten a call, and so I called the clinic myself. The woman who answered the phone told me that they did the first calls at 4pm (wrong! that's IUI, they call IVF patients around 2) and that someone would call me soon. I told her that they usually called me by now, and to please make sure they did. No one ever called.

And that's where the shots in the dark come in. I had no instructions, so I assumed that I should keep doing the same thing, and stuck with the current dosages. This morning I noted certain sticky signs that my estrogen is getting high, and I was a bit nervous, because of course I was shooting up in the dark, as it were.

I called the clinic again this morning and spoke to the same receptionist. She was gratifyingly shocked that no one had called, and instead of telling me that someone would call back, she got one of the nurses on the phone right away.

The nurse was not very apologetic. She told me what my instructions would have been (what I did anyway, thank goodness), and by way of apology gave me my actual numbers on my tests. I appreciated the data, but that was not going to stop me from raising my concerns over the fact that this was the third screw-up the clinic had made this cycle. I gave her a short speech about how one mistake is understandable human error, but three is just not acceptable. There was also a line in there about how I was sure that not all of their patients were MIT grads with the confidence and ability to figure out when mistakes were being made and get them corrected. I was peeved, and I still am. Am I overreacting? Three mistakes in one cycle seems excessive to me.

Oh, and the call I never got? It turns out that nurse Ditzy signed off as having called me. I never got a call on my cell phone, and there is no voice mail from her there. The home answering machine is currently not taking messages, so she can't have left one there. My bet? In spite of the fact that I have repeatedly told her (and everyone else) to call my cell phone, she probably called my old work number (you know, the place I don't work anymore because if it was up to them I wouldn't be doing this cycle) and left a message there. And yes, they do have the cell number, both the receptionist and the nurse I spoke to today confirmed that.

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