Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

This Morning's Comedy of Errors

I thought I had started the day off well. I kissed my husband goodbye for the day at precicely 7:15 am and skipped out of the house. As we all know, Boston traffic laws state that it will take 30 minutes to arrive at your destination if you allow 45 and it will take 45 if you allow 30. If the law held I would get to Kenmore in plenty of time to have my blood draw done before my 8am ultrasound.

It was a fine plan.

I first noticed that things we going awry for me when I turned right when I should have gone straight. I had been distracted by twe's security badge, and my auto pilot was sending my to the gym instead of the clinic. Oops. The reason that twe's security badge was distracting was that it was sitting on the passenger seat of the car, which meant that she didn't have it, which meant that I was trying to think how to solve this problem given that we were not carpooling today thanks to my appointment and that security at Spiffy New Job is rather tight. What I failed to consider is that unlike me, sane people like twe probably do not suffer from much anxiety over things like loosing a security badge...

Where was I? Oh right, I'd just made a wrong turn onto Cedar, and after saying a certain four letter word I realized that this was not the end of the world, a left turn onto Highland would put me more or less back on course. And so I make the left turn, and at that precise moment I realize that I Have Forgotten my FOLLISTIM! How could I forget my Follistim? I am going to my first follicle check, nothing is more important to me that this IVF cycle right now, and yet I manage to forget the damn pen with my morning shot in it. More four letter words followed by a U turn.

I get back to the house at 7:30 and back in the car at 7:32. Not good. As predicted, traffic has magically gotten much worse in the last fifteen minutes, the line to check in at the doctor's office is long and slow, and so I don't reach the clinic door until 8:10. Of course, unlike me, sane people probably don't get so anxious about being a whole 10 minutes late, and really I shouldn't either because I still had to sit in the waiting room for another 10 minutes. Follicles are checked, the largest clocking in at 12mm.

Thinking that things are finally well in hand I head to my blood draw, with the plan in mind to call twe about her badge after the draw, which I hope will be early enough to prevent her having a frustrating search for it, but no so early as to wake her. Of course I was foolish to think the morning was through with me. The needle is inserted into the vein in my right elbow... err... no blood. There is then some serious fishing for the vein, by which I mean the needle is wiggled around in my arm. Blood draws don't usually bother me in the least... but ow. Then, in the process of needle wiggling the needle pops out of my arm unexpectedly. The nurse looks frustrated, and keep in mind I know her pretty well by now and she is normally good at this. On my advice she uses the vein in the back of my hand for the second try, which does yield blood, if slowly.

Luckily I do still remember to call twe and save her from betrayal at the parking lot gate, so it wasn't all bad.

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