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Math and IVF

Here's a word problem for you...

A Follistim cartridge contains 900 international units of Follistim. (Actually, it contains more like 1000 to 1050 units, but its rated as 900 units.) My recent drug order contained 6 cartridges. If my dose of Follistim is supposed to be only 250 units a day, how long would I have to be stimming to use up 6 cartridges?

Now, lets make it more difficult. You've been told your dosage is is 250 units of Follistim, 5 units of Lupron, and 75 units of Luveris. This you are supposed to take each night, but allegedly you aren't supposed to take any of these medications at any other time. You have exactly 6 vials of Luveris, each of which is 75 units. How many unopened cartridges of Follistim will you have when you run out of Luveris (not counting any leftovers you told your doctor about)?

In an IVF cycle, it is rare to stim for more than 12 days. So, does this add up?

Update: Yes indeed, third screw up of the cycle, second by the clinic, and second time I had a nurse on the phone utter the words "you were right". Somehow it doesn't make me feel better.

In other news they are gating me this time. I don't actually start stimming until the morning of the 8th. It will be 250 units of follistim twice a day, plus the other stuff in the evening. First follicle check is the 12th.

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