Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Well, its a good thing one of us is awake

I had a few questions for the nurses about my IVF cycle. One was why there was tetracycline and medrol in my big-bag-o-meds for this cycle, and the other was when exactly the wanted me in for a suppression check. I was pretty sure that latter was sometime early next week, but I needed to pin that down, especially since twe very reasonably wanted to know which day she was going to be driving herself into work.

So I called, and left a message, and the new nurse called back. The answers she gave me were June 11th and because you're doing ICSI or something. Obviously I questioned the ICSI and she clarified that to ICSI or assisted hatching. Oh good. I am doing assisted hatching, so I didn't have to worry about that. Right, so start taking the pills the day of retrieval, check.

And then my brain woke up. What the heck do you mean, June 11th for the suppression check? I have never waited so long for a suppression check. The nurse rechecked when I had started the lupron, which I'd already mentioned, but she might not have been paying attention. After a pause the nurse did allow as to how that seemed a bit odd and maybe she should check with nurse Ditzy instead of just transferring me to the scheduling people. Ten minutes later she called back and said that it was indeed a mistake, it should be June 4th, which was the date I had been guessing. She made a bit too much about how good it was that I was astute enough to have caught that. Half an hour later nurse Ditzy herself called again with basically the same message -- oops, but hey, good of you to catch that. Nurse Ditzy claimed she would have caught it in time. Maybe, but I'm glad I know IVF well enough to notice these things on my own.

So far this cycle is looking like the cycle of fumbles. Village fumbles actually delivering the meds the first time around, but lucky for me I have leftovers. Then Ditzy is off by a week on when I get my ovaries looked at for the first time. What else can go wrong? I am lucky in that I can spot these errors, but I won't be allowed to check everything. What am I to do if the embryologist manages to forget to put the sperm in the dish with the eggs?

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