Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Number 3 is now getting official

I've been taking birth control pills for IVF #3 for two weeks now. Mind you, I didn't get the official word that the insurance had approved the cycle until Wednesday. I also got a voice mail reminding me to start injecting 10 units of Lupron starting tonight on my cell phone yesterday. Lupron that will hopefully be waiting on my porch when I get home. I have faith in Village Pharmacy, but even if for some reason my drugs aren't there I do have an unopened vial left over from last time, so all would not be lost.

This is the good part. Taking pills doesn't make the cycle real. Sure, the pills give me headaches too, but there's nothing like shoving a needle into a nice fresh piece of belly flab to make you feel like you're really doing a cycle. Yes, my friends, that is how sick and twisted I have become. I am gleefully looking forward to stabbing myself with a needle full of a migraine-inducing drug later this evening.

Its probably a good thing that I hate having my mind altered in any way shape or form.

I still don't know when my suppression check is going to be. Probably another week and a half or so. Once that happens (assuming I pass) I can really get down to business with the sticking.

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