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Christmas in New York

There's nothing quite like coming back from Christmas in New York to a need to shovel out a fairly heavy snowfall. It was only a couple of inches on Long Island. Serves me right for moving north I guess...

We drove down on the 24th and got there in time for dinner with Mom & Dad. I'd been highly stessed finishing my knitted gifts. Note to self: Knitting gifts on a deadline is foolishness even when you start ten months in advance. At least they went over well.

Margaret was flying in from San Diego on Christmas day, and wasn't arriving until 5pm, so Warren and I opted to go in to the city to see his brother George and his increasing family on Christmas day and then head back to North Babylon in time for Christmas dinner and a late present opening. George and his wife Brittany just had a son (born on the 22nd), and both the kid's grandmothers were there as well. It was nice spending a few hours with them. I got to hold the baby a lot. Brittany was doing well, but she was pretty sore and they were both very tired. We ended up having Chinese takeout for lunch. Thank the gods for Chinese takeout places that are always open!

Traveler's note: Driving into Manhatten from the Long Island was a total win. There is no traffic Christmas day, and it was at least twice as fast as taking the LIRR. It was also comperable in price $26 to park plus $8 for a round trip through the midtown tunnel. It would have cost over $30 for two round trip off peak tickets on the LIRR, and then there would have been at least another $6 worth of subway on top of that.

Margaret made it in without incident. The holiday was good. I always hate the Christmases that Margaret can't make it. We're still very much a nuclear family: Mom, Dad, Margaret and me. Of course Warren is there now too, which is good, and this year it was guilt-free because he also got to see his mom and brother (and brand new nephew!) on Christmas. You can't do better than that.

I made out in the loot category too. Woohoo!
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