Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Handbag Doom

I noticed this morning that my handbag is doomed, and will probably self destruct in about a week. The part that attaches the strap to the body of the bag seems to have worn and cracked, and is currently holding together by a few threads. It looks pretty doomed and non-fixable.

I've had this bag for a while. If memory serves I bought it sometime during 1999 or 2000. Not bad for a bag that probably cost around $50 and that I've used nearly every day since then. Its a shame that it is not fixable as I like it a lot, but there are other cracks in the leather too, and really, this bag owes me nothing at this point.

One of the very few downsides of Spiffy New Job is that I can no longer visit the Burlington Mall over lunch like I did at my old job, or the downtown stores as I could with all my previous jobs. This is going to make handbag shopping difficult. I tried online over lunch, but I really want to see the bags in person, not just look at a picture. I am not sure when I am going to find the time to visit an actual store before the current bag self destructs, but I really see no choice. Hopefully it will wait another eight days before destroying itself; I have some training I am going to for Spiffy New Job that's out in Burlington then, so I could visit the mall then.

My online browsing makes me worried about finding a suitable replacement at all. It seems that ugly handbags are in. I have simple, but exact standard for such items: a bag in brown or black leather with a shoulder strap, large enough to hold my wallet, keys, checkbook and cell phone, but not much larger than that. I looked at the Coach website. Last time I replaced a bag I was encouraged to buy a Coach bag by a couple of people. At the time I thought all the Coach bags were either ugly or lacked the shoulder strap I require, and while I might conceivably spend $300 on a handbag, there is no way I am spending $300 on an ugly handbag, or one that isn't what I want. Today's browsing seemed to indicate that they simply don't sell bags with long shoulder straps, and most were ugly. Other web sites offered similar results, mostly of bags that do not meet my criteria anyway. This is why I find shopping so frustrating. I think what I want is simple, but I have to search and search and search to find someone who sells it. I hope I somehow manage to luck out the way I did last time around.

Update: The strap attachment broke the very next time I put the bag on, so I am doomed until I can get to a store. Sigh. Back in college I didn't use a handbag at all, but back then my clothes had pockets.

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