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Car Shopping

Warren is looking for a new car. He really likes his current one, but it is going on 16 years old, which is old even for a top of the line car that was is storage for several years.

The problem is finding a car that's a reasonable replacement. His current car is a 20th anniversery trans am. Its a special edition that was used as a pace car for the Indy 500. It goes fast. There just aren't very many cars on the market that are a reasonable replacement in terms of performance. The few that might be comperable are mostly two seat convertables. These seem to have visibility issues when the top is up (which it would be most of the time in New England). They don't seem to make T-tops anymore, which is a shame because it really is just about the best of both worlds.

So far Warren has looked at the Mazda Miata Speed, the Honda S2000 and the BMW Z4. The Z4 is the only one he's taken for a test drive so far. He really like it a lot, except the visibilty issues really bothered him. There's a huge blindspot that makes passing people tricky, and really, what's the use of owning a car like that if you can't just whiz past people?

I think he's currently leaning towards a 3-series sedan, but I've warned him not to be too optimistic about it driving like the Z4 even if it does have the same engine.
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