Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The real world is a messy place

I've deleted all my previous attempts to write about this, lets see if this one makes it...

As many of you know, there was recently a supreme court ruling that upheld a law banning a certain type of abortion procedure.

The core stupidity of it all that I keep grinding my teeth over is the absolute failure of the certain people to understand that the real world is a messy place. In the real world, bad things happen to good people. In the real world, people who very much want a baby are sometimes thwarted by circumstances beyond their control. In the real world, medicine is not a perfect science, it's complicated, and doctors get paid a lot of money because they have to troubleshoot patients on an individual basis.

I finally came across a story of a woman who had that specific procedure. I have long believed that most of the women who have the specific procedure banned by the law actually want to have the child. What they don't want is to die trying before the pregnancy is even viable, or to ruin their health and/or future fertility by continuing a pregnancy that has no reasonable chance of ending in a baby they can take home with them. In these cases, there is NO CHANCE that there will be a live baby at the end, law or no law. Outlawing a specific procedure only makes the lives of everyone involved more difficult.

I can understand why many people don't want a healthy fetus to be aborted. That one I can follow the logic on at least. But the ones where the fetus just isn't going to make it, either because its broken or because its going to kill its mother before it can get to viability.... grrrr. You can't just wave your legislative pen and make it go away because you wish it weren't so and the fact that it does happen is inconvenient to your agenda. When you do that people get hurt. If you can't cope with the fact that the world is a messy place you ought not to be trying to run it.

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