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Friday the 13th.... - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Friday the 13th....
... also known as cycle day one.

As always, my body's timing has that classic irony. This is also the worst post-surgery one to date, and naturally I had not gotten around to bringing in the large 'work' bottle of painkillers to the new work place. Luckily emergency supplies were easy to obtain, and I've actually been getting a surprising amount of stuff done for a CD1.

Of course in order to obtain that perfect timing it was exactly one day late, meaning I started to get those "wouldn't it be funny if..." thoughts. Sigh. I should totally know better by now. I am not going to get pregnant the old fashioned way. Rationally I know this, but still, every time I am even a second overdue I get those darn thoughts. Someone should smack me. Any volunteers?

Of course it would also be poetic if I was going to start suppressing on a cycle that started on a Friday the 13th, but not poetic enough to tempt me to deviate from the plan of giving myself an extra month to recuperate.
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