Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Reading the Tea Leaves...er Spots

Sometimes I feel a bit like the divination professor in the Harry Potter books, always looking for signs and portents in random things that probably have little or no bearing on what I'm interested in. I can't help myself though.

I still had red spotting yesterday. Not normal for a period; if I get spotting that late its darker. Yet something else I will point to and scream, "See, I was pregnant... briefly." More importantly, I can use it as evidence that the plan going forward is a good one.

You see, the real psychic in the family is psychohist. When it comes to the infertility business its like he always know what I'm thinking and proposes it first. We're going to take one extra month off before cycling again. You have to have one down cycle, but starting suppression the next time I get my period seems like too soon this time around. I want to give my body at least one full natural cycle to recover, and I don't want to count the chemical pregnancy miscarriage period as part of a natural cycle. I don't mind cycling, but I would be fooling myself to say it isn't hard on the body. So, more recovery, then hopefully next time around will have a better chance.

On of the silver linings of the whole thing is that I am constantly getting evidence that psychohist is the right husband for me. Infertility is hard on a lot of couples. Plenty of marriages break up over it. Its nice to have a husband who is constantly rising to the challenge and who is always there when I need him and who always seems to be on the same page as me. If we didn't have this difficulty I would never have learned just how good he can be.

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