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Well, I finally mailed the holiday cards this morning. I think this is a new record for me in lameness, at least in recent years.

At leasts its looking seasonally appropriate, what with the snow and all. Of course the down side of that is that it took me 90 minutes to get into work this morning. That's about a hour more than usual. Of course its still nowhere near the record of four hours that was set that one day last winter. I don't mind so much if its on the way into work. After all, I have heated seats and a great sound system.

In keeping with the theme of tardyness, I'm going to be vigiling tomorrow night, though I think the longest night is technically tonight. So what if I'm off by a day? In keeping with the lameness theme we're not having a party this year. That's OK since most of the people I'd want to come will have left by now anyway, including half of my players.
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