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Nurse Ditzy just called. (I'm really starting to warm up to her, perhaps I should find her a more flattering nickname.) We have five embryos. That's way better than last time. She doesn't know the grades, but given that one of the two we had last time was pretty marginal, five is still a huge improvement.

We need to be at the clinic tomorrow at 9:40, transfer is scheduled for 10:40. Hopefully I won't threaten to kill anyone this time.

I hadn't mentioned before, but the plan this time around is to transfer three embryos. We did some thinking, and we consider that the risk of all three implanting was small enough that it was worth trying with three. If I were just a year or two older they'd recommend tranferring three anyway. This will of course increase the risk of my having twins. I've decided though, that given my otherwise good health that a twin pregnancy would be an acceptable level of risk. A healthy singleton is still the ideal, but given the relentless march of time and my desire to eventually have more than one child, twins are looking like not such a bad option. Really, though, the goal in transferring three is to increase the odds of getting pregnant at all.

Of course all this supposes that we still have five embryos tomorrow morning, which is by no means a given. I'm thinking cautiously optimistic thoughts about having the luxury to transfer three good looking embryos and still having leftovers to freeze for later. It could still go awry, but its a nice thought.
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