Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

"I hope you're well rested"

That's what psychohist said to me when I told him I was awake and leaving for work. You see, retrieval was yesterday, and this time around it meant that I spent much of the day either unconcious or semi-concious.

The embryologist says she got 9 eggs this time. Not the huge improvement I was hoping for, but still better than last time. I felt more (which is to say, some) discomfort in the appropriate area this time, which I assume is related to them having more follicles to drain. I made them put the IV in the back of my hand this time, and while it was an improvement over last time, I learned that the resident who did my IV at B&W is just way better than these nurses.

I'm not sure whether it was because I made them use the vein in my hand or not, but the anesthesiologist used a different formulation this time. The previous two times I've been put under I remember feeling the anesthesia going in, this time the last thing I remember is the oxygen mask being put on. It was immediately obvious when I woke up that something was different. I asked the nurse about it and she confirmed that he used a different combination of drugs. "Your instincts were right," is how she put it. Since when is deducing that you've been given something different because your body is reacting differently 'instinct' and not reasoning? Whatever. They clearly overdid it. I ended up taking lots of naps yesterday. Luckily psychohist woke me up for the mandated protein meal and first progesterone shot of the cycle.

Just for the record, in case its not clear, I really, really hate being sedated.

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