Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Error Bars

After my last post enugent was pondering what the error bars where on follicle measurement. Apparently large enough. According to this morning's sonogram tech, my largest follicle is 18mm. Somehow I doubt that it only grew half a millimeter between Monday and Wednesday and then plumped up by 4.5 millimeters between Wednesday and today. Just a hunch. In other news I have one that is only half a millimeter behind on my left ovary, and then a bunch in the 16mm and under range. This is pretty OK news.

Speaking of errors, my morning so far has been a comedy of errors. Its amazing what half an inch of snow will do to morning traffic when you are trying to get to an 8:15 appointment in Kenmore. Then, as I was approaching Kenmore square I realized that in my rush to leave the house that I had failed to bring my Follistim with me. (7:30 is too early to be injecting on my current twice daily schedule, so I had been bringing the pen thing with and doing it at my morning appointments.) Sigh. Well, I am running late anyway, so the obvious plan is to get wanded and then run back before work and inject. Sadly the clinic is running even more behind than I am and there are two people ahead of me. I went to get my blood work done while I waited, but still, it was 9:30 by the time I got back to the house, where I proceeded to nearly kill myself by slipping whilst running upstairs in shoes that were slick with half-melted snow. Its a miracle the I managed to get into work at just after 10.

Update: No Follistim tonight, just the lupron, and another wanding & bloodwork tomorrow morning. Apparently my estrogen is quite high, though the message didn't say exactly how high.

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