Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

So NOT strictly ballroom

So, I just read this little tidbit on the BBC. Summary for those too lazy to click: a woman with only one leg is going to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

Since we don't have cable and therefore have no TV reception, psychohist and I do not watch TV, but we did kind of follow this particular show the first season over the interet, and were thus surprised when whomever it was that Charlotta Jorgenson was training failed to win. The preceeding sentence should show my bias -- I know a lot more about the pros than I do about the "stars". I also care a lot more about the dancing, which is why we didn't go out of our way to watch the show even when Charlotta was on it, because its basically just a dressed up pro-am competition and if we want to watch dancing we have Blackpool tapes.

On the other hand, the show is still supposed to be a dance competition. Now, I am certainly sympathetic to people with disabilities, but competative dancing is no place for someone who is minus a leg. Sure, she can ski on her prostetic leg just fine, but dance requires fine control as well as strength, the kind of control a prostetic just can't deliver. I'm sure she can manage enough to get around the floor for fun, but that's different from competative dancing. Ballroom as I understand it and love it has as a major component foot strength and control. Without that, without the rolling through the foot and pushing off with the toes, its just not ballroom to me. I fear that in an attempt to be a bit too PC they are doing this woman an injustice, by telling her that she can do something that she is tragically no longer equipped to do.

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