Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The Amazing Carcicle

So, it snowed last Wednesday, Valentines Day. My car is still not free.

Mind you, I shovelled. I shovelled a lot. The thing is, the snow was followed by rain. So there psychohist and I were, at rush hour, trying desperately to keep the drain clear because the sidewalk and the area under my car was flodding as the rain washed the slush down to the drain situated under my car. The street was flooded too, but that did not stop the thrice-blasted SUVs from going past at 35 mph, pelting us with water and chunks of ice. After the second chunk of ice to the face I decided that I was not going to do that anymore and went inside. Shortly thereafter the plows came through again and plowed my car into that mess. I have been chipping away at it ever since.


If I ever find the driver of that snowplow he is a dead man.

Update: The car is now free. A couple of guys helped me out. The important lesson to be drawn from this is that it is a very good thing that there are still blue-collar guys living in our neighborhood, the kind who are big on brute strength and friendly attitude.

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