Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

This is where the fun begins...

Suppression check went well. Today has been declared to be cycle day 1 and I start stimming tonight.

One thing I didn't post before was that we are increasing the dosage this cycle. We're going to be using 600 IU of Follistim a day, which is double what I started out with last time. I had such a crappy response last time (thanks to the endo) that we're just going for the maximum dose. If we're lucky my ovaries will produce a proportionally larger number of eggs. If not... well, if not we're probably screwed.

One thing I just found out from nurse Ditzy (who I am probably being terribly unfair to, she is a nice person, just not used to people like me) is that we're going to be splitting the dose up. So, instead of injecting 600 units of Follistim all at one go, I'll be doing 300 in the evening and 300 in the morning. This is a bit of a relief. The Follistim comes in cartridges of 900 units, and using two-thirds of a cartridge at one go seems a little silly, not to mention its would probably make for interesting bruises.

Next check is scheduled for Saturday at 8am. Until then, route auxiliary power to the ovaries and hope for the best.

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