Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

On names and timing

On thing I didn't mention on Friday was that Friday was cycle day one. Yes, my period with its usual sense of timing, elected to show up at exactly the same time as my sister was in labor. I took my first BCP (also known as 'irony pills' around here) for IVF #2 last night.

Yesterday's phone call to Margaret revealed that my new nephew now has a name. Its Kaden Dean. My parents were worried all along that it would be some weird California name. I'm afraid that the choice of names has only confirmed their fears. Margaret is certainly not oblivious to this. Poor Margaret, people are always underestimating how sharp she is, even her own parents. We discussed our parent's reaction to the name on the phone. Margaret's reaction to my suggestion that it was a less unusual name for California: "Yeah, they're lucky we didn't name him Sunflower or something." Have I mentioned that I really appreciate my sister's sense of humor?

I did a little research of my own on the SSA baby names site and discovered that Kaden was 101st in popularity for boy names in 2005. So yes, its unusual, but not exactly completely unheard of. In contrast, Phoenix was at 478 in 2005 and Grayson was 253, so Warren's brother George still wins the award for unusual nephew names. As a point of referrence, Margaret's own name was ranked 95th in popularity for the year she was born.

The bottom line of course is that this is John and Margaret's baby and they get the final call on what to name it, despite Mom's somewhat... proactive... pushing of James as a name. Mom is used to getting her own way with baby names. She got to pick our first names when we were born by simply telling the nurse what she wanted. Dad wasn't at the hospital with her to argue. We got his choices as middle names. I'm feeling a lot more sympathy for John at the moment, who probably did not want to give his kid a very common name having grown up with the one of the most popular male names of all time.
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