Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

It was a dull Thursday around lunchtime when private eye "Foxtrot" D. walked into the office with his Dame on his arm. They were there to talk to the Doc about the botched job the Lexington gang had carried out.

The Doc was pretty clear, and everyone agreed on a couple of things. There weren't enough eggs in the basket, and "Five" never stood a chance. It was clear they were going to need more firepower next time, the Doc figured twice as much. That was OK with the Dame, especially once the Doc explained that the endo was probably the reason for the lack of action last time.

Then the Doc dropped the bombshell. It says here they did ICSI* on all of them. Foxtrot was not impressed. They were supposed to call if they did that, and they never did. They talked it over then, Foxtrot, Doc and the Dame. Doc figured maybe they had to do ICSI. The Lexinton gang was supposed to do things the old fashioned way and use microdrop. Maybe it was just a simple case of rescue ICSI, maybe they ran the numbers and figured it was the only way to go. The red-headed Dame muttered that they were still supposed to call. The Doc was also a bit curious as to why there was no note saying who made the call to do ICSI. Doc was also a bit suspicious about that egg that wasn't an egg. The way the Doc figured it, someone in the Lexington gang had goofed on that one, and the didn't figure it out until they went to do the rescue ICSI. Foxtrot wanted facts, not theories. Find out when they did it and why.

So they made their plans, Doc, Foxtrot and the Dame. Next time twice as much juice from the start, and transfer up to three this time. The Doc figured maybe they should plan to just do ICSI from the start this time, but Foxtrot wanted the facts from the Lexington gang first, so they left it at that.

It wasn't too long after leaving that the Dame's phone rang. Doc had heard from the Lexington gang. Their story was that they never did ICSI, that it was a simple clerical error. The head of the Lexingtion gang said they'd done microdrop, just like they were supposed to. Doc said that maybe the Dame and Foxtrot should consider doing ICSI from the start next time anyway. The Dame said she'd talk to Foxtrot.

When the Dame finally got a hold of Foxtrot he smelled a rat. The Lexington gang get fooled by this bogus egg, and now they say one thing in their records and another thing to the Doc. That struck Foxtrot as sloppy, and sloppy doesn't cut it with Foxtrot. Foxtrot D. is on the case, and you can be sure that if the Lexington gang doesn't deliver the goods this time he'll be looking to find someone who can.

*Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
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