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Concerns about size

At this morning's wanding I had the more talkative tech, which I like. Sadly, she also brought up the fact that my follicles were supposedly small on Sunday. This is not happy because I could more easily deny that something might be wrong when it was Dr. Dipshit. This tech I trust more. Sigh. According to her, I now have three follicles measuring 10mm. I wanted to ask lots of questions: how many others did she see, is this decent growth, etc. She was rushed, though, so I didn't get to ask. I am now waiting for the call to tell me what to do.

Can I just say WTF? In the past, no one has ever complained about the size of my follicles. In fact, for my first IUI the very first time they looked I had one at 21mm and they had me triggering that very night. The other two IUIs were less dramatic, but I was still triggering pretty promptly. It is also only CD7... Argh. If anything goes wrong, I am totally not blaming my body on this one. I can produce eggs just fine when left to my own devices, if there is a problem this time around it is because someone messed when prescribing medications, so there.

Update: Just got the call. I'm to continue with the current dosages and go back Thursday morning for more wanding and bloodgiving fun.

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