Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The Timeline

Would you be willing to post an approximate schedule of vital events, so I know when to hope for good things?

Well, since remcat asked so nicely, I'll post the timeline for the rest of the IVF cycle.

  • We are currently on cycle day 6. I'm taking follistim and lupron, and going in every other day for bloodwork and a thorough wanding.
  • At some point, if all goes well, I will have enough mature follicles and be given the order to trigger. This should be around day 12ish.
  • The day after the trigger shot nothing happens and I am injection free, just don't feed me after midnight.
  • The day after that (two days after trigger) I go in for egg retrieval. We hope we get a lot of eggs, like a dozen or more. If all goes well I get my very first progesterone in oil shot that night. If this actually happens on cycle day 14 I cancel my gaming run.
  • Three days after retrieval I go back to have the embryos transfered back to my body, assuming we have something to transfer back. We're looking to transfer two good looking embryos. If we are really lucky and have extras they get frozen for future use.
  • I then spend two full weeks slowly going (more) insane while we wait until I can have a pregnancy test. At least I will have those exciting progesterone in oil shots to keep me occupied.

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