Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

You may or may not bleed

"You may or may not bleed." This is what nurse Dippy said back in the pre-op visit for our IVF, in reference to the period between the suppression cycle and the stim cycle of the IVF. The idea was that they would tell me when cycle day one of my period was, and that we would go by that.

Sure enough, I went in for my supression check on Wednesday morning and got the call that afternoon telling me that Wednesday was cycle day one, and I should decrease my Lupron from 10 units to 5 and start taking 300 units of Follistim that evening. Eager to get the show on the road, I was happy to comply. I found with the first injection that 300 units of Follistim is a fair amount of stuff to be injecting, and it could be a bit ouchie if I got a bad spot, but whatever.

I had been assuming from the phrasing of 'you may or may not bleed', that if there was any blood at all, it would be light. Certainly, it seemed to imply a lighter than normal period. Also, there was the three weeks of birth control pills, and I hazily recall from way back when that birth control pills made my period lighter. Thursday morning I was surprised to find the crotch of my panties completely soaked with the red stuff. This is unusual in that I am never taken by suprises by the appearance of the red stuff. It announces its intent to come a few hours in advance with cramps that are pretty hard to ignore, then usually finally puts in an appearance whilst I am sitting on the toilet, in easy reach of the maxi pads. One of the good things about my particular incarnation of endometriosis is that panty destroying accidents are just about unheard of. Well, I could live with it coming without the cramps. What surprised me as the day wore on was the sheer rate at which I was soaking the extra-large maxis that I use. I had three days of pretty high flow, certainly more liquid than a normal period. You may or may not bleed.

And then there is the other interpretation of 'you may or may not bleed'. Perhaps nurse Dippy was talking to psychohist. You see, this being Thanskgiving weekend we had family over. Specifically, we had my parents and Warren's mother. Normally, having parents and their adult kids in the same space can lead to a certain amount of tension. Normally, its not that bad for me, but I was noticing a definite increased tendancy for me to snap at people. Either everyone around me had suddenly gotten more stupid and annoying, or the massive amounts of hormones I was injecting was having an effect on my mood. It got bad enough that psychohist started forcing me to eat cookies. It was then that I realized the truth. You remember the cold war? Well, I discovered why we won it. You see, psychohist was working for Naval Reactors at the time. Now I know what he was really doing. It had nothing to do with nuclear submarines as he would have us all believe. Instead, he was developing a chocolate chip cookie that can be used as the ultimate peace-keeping weapon. The poor Russians, presented with these yummy and highly addictive cookies soon found that they had lost the will to fight. Thus ended the cold war. They had a similar effect on me, making me less inclined to maim relatives and innocent bystanders. Seriously, if we could only get a few truck loads of these cookies to Bagdad the insurgency there would be over.

The cookies are also a miracle drug. As the parents were leaving on Saturday the very predictable headache was settling in to stay. I spent most of the latter part of Saturday in bed, then got up early on Sunday for my wanding. When psychohist got up I whined at him for more cookies, and I swear the fresh batch did more for my headache than Advil migrane formula.

The not so good news was that Dr. Dipshit was the doctor on duty on Sunday. This was the guy who wanted to just give me Clomid way back when, and whom we promptly dumped because we were underwhelmed by him. Anyway, he felt that my follicles were two small because they were all under 10mm. I'd thought they were supposed to be, after all, we don't want any dominant follicles here. It was also only cycle day 5 (or 4, even if we go by when the blood showed up). He upped my dosage of the Follistim to 400 units, and I didn't argue since I don't think two days at the higher dosage will hurt so much. I have my next check tomorrow morning. If world war three breaks out its because we ran out of cookie ingredients.

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