Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Cycle update

"Hrmm" is a sound you never want to hear from the tech looking at the ultrasound machine when you are riding the dildo-cam.

So there I was bright and early this morning in for my suppression check with a condom-covered ultrasound probe nestled just shy of my cervix when I hear the ultrsound tech say "hrmm." Being generally paranoind, not to mention slightly over educated in all the ways that an IVF cycle can go wrong thanks to my addiction to Julie's blog, I piped up right away and asked if something was wrong. As it turned out something was wrong... but thankfully with the machine and not me. The tech turned the screen so I could see, and there was the image, only instead of staying in place the entire image was rotating slowly clockwise. The tech said she could get the images she needed anyway, so she went and did that, though she was a lot less chipper than normal, which left me feeling slightly paranoid about things even though it was clearly due to having to deal with odd equipment behaviour.

As I left the office, I told the receptionist to make sure that when the nurse called back to be sure she used my cell phone number. Last time nurse Dippy called, and she used my work number. For important stuff I want people to use my cell. So nurse Dippy, needing to live up to her nickname here called my home number this afternoon. Luckily I actually answered the home line when it rang, we get so many telemarketing calls (in spite of being on the do not call list) that I usually do not answer. Dippy also didn't seem at all phased by my pointing out that I expected the call on my cell phone... sigh, I need to learn how to glare over the phone.

So, according to Dippy, the mightly Grace Wendo has decided that today is cycle day one for me. All in all, I must say I prefer this way of being notified that it is cycle day one. The normal method of cramps that get insistantly worse leaves much to be desired, and the blood is so messy. So, starting tonight I halve my dose of luperon and start taking the follistim. The follistim dose is double what I used on my last IUI. I go in again Sunday morning to check and see how my ovaries feel about this abuse.

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