Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Project 365, Day 11

Hex number one...


This is the first hex in the baby afghan I'm making for Margaret's baby. I am using hexes just like for the hexmap afghan that I made for firstfrost and harrock. These are hexes that I've modified from a design from a very old (early 80's) crochet magazine I have. I've modified them to be more pronoucedly hexagonal, plus in my version the hexes use a different color for the last round instead of being all one color. For the current project that last round in mint is to tie the whole thing together... though there will be some all-mint hexes too. For the hexmap one it was simply to make it look like a hex map.

Actually, I had originally toyed with the idea of doing the hexmap in one color hexes of blue, green and brown, to simulate an actual map of something, but I decided against that as I figured simulating hex map paper would get the point across better, plus it would be better looking in more general terms.
Tags: project 365, yarn

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