Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

project 365, Day 10... sort of

Well, I knew I would be terrible at this. I missed a bunch of days, but picking up where we left off, here's day "10"


This is yarn that has just come off my ball winder. This is for a baby afghan for my sister's baby which is due January 12. I've been terrible about yarn projects after the past year and a half. I had terrible burnout from Christmas '04 where I made stuff for all the relative. Never again. I still have other outstanding work, but its my only sister's first kid, so this project gets some priority.

I am a sucker for varigated yarns, especially for baby stuff. The fact that I design all the afghans I do these days allows me to indulge. I tell the parents that the varigated yarn hides stains better. I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds like a good excuse. Here we have two skeins each of three different varigated varieties of this yarn, plus three skeins of mint.
Tags: project 365, yarn

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