Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Poject 365, Days 4 through 9

It seems to be that I owe you folks a whole bunch of phots. Having finally unloaded my camera, I can deliver.

Yet another in the series of infertility medications. These are the unused meds from my three unsuccessful IUI cycles. Mostly its just progesterone, but there are three syringes full of antagon too. This will be the last medication montage for at least a while

The tree in front of out house at twilight.


My fairy rose bush is still in bloom, though probably not for very much longer.


The Muddy River, taken from the Longwood Avenue bridge. This was on my way back from my sonohistagram.


Whe have these huge banks at the office park where I work that are lined with huge slabs of granite. Those pine trees you see are a decent size, just to give you a sense of scale.


I tried taking several pictures of the full moon, both at twilight on the way home from work and later. They all came out incredibly blurry. My options were thus limited, so I present you with a new pair of shoes. Lame, but I lack cute children or pets.

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