Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

As I anticipated, it was much like an HSG, only with an ultrasound probe on my insides instead of the x-ray equipment over my lower abdomen. As expected it was slightly crampy and pinchy, but not a big deal. My uterus apparently looks just fine. They did find a tiny cyst on my left ovary, but nothing to get worried about. I'm guessing it just means the either Yoda didn't get all the stuff there or it is indeed growing back.

I found myself reflecting later about how my attitude towards pelvic exams has changed over the years. Back at MIT when I became freaked out over some break-through bleeding (I didn't know about break-through bleeding at the time, thus the freaking), I still wouldn't let the doctor I saw at the med center give me a pelvic exam because he was the wrong gender. These days I don't even blink when a man whom I have never met before walks into a room and is threading a catheter through my cervix less than two minutes later. Instead, I give him navigational instructions. I like my new approach to these things better.
Tags: ttc

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