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Surprise bonus procedure - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
Surprise bonus procedure
Remember the big pile of drugs? Well, there was one little tiny bottle in there that I was not sure what it was for. I didn't recognize the drug by name, but it sounded like it might be an antibiotic.

When I spoke to Julie earlier she thought it might be because Grace didn't get a good swab of my cervix on my pre-op visit. Given that my pre-op visit was on cycle day 4 of my last cycle, that was a good theory. I'm light by day 4, but I'm never done that early. It was a good theory, but as it turns out it was wrong. Julie just called me back and said that Grace wants me to have a sonohistagram done, and that was what the pills were for. So, in order to prevent my cervix from picking up any diseases I start on those tomorrow night, and then I get the sonohistagram done on Wednesday.

I am unsure as to why Grace suddenly wants to see pictures of my uterus. I'm certainly game though. Unlike some women, I didn't find my HSG at all traumatic. From what I gather this will be a similar procedure, only the focus will be my uterus instead of my tubes. Maybe this time I'll get to see the pictures myself.


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