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Filling in the back plot

There are a number of things I should mention about the visits to Jedi Master Grace Wendo that I haven't bothered blogging about yet. I should while I still remember them.

At the visit with just her and me two weeks ago, she theorized that the approval hadn't gone through for the IVF yet because they wanted to see the documentation on the failed IUI with gonadotropins. That made me very glad I pushed for that cycle to happen while she was away on vacation and the nurse was being so clueless. Even though the cycle was a failure, it was necessary in order to get the insurance to pay for IVF, much like those early Clomid cycles were a complete waste of time except for the part where they convinced people that that wasn't going to work.

I told Grace about my current theory, that based on what Yoda told me about the theories about the various mechanisms by which endometriosis causes infertility, I think that what is going on with me is that my eggs just aren't getting into my tubes. She concurred. Its great to be on the same page as your doctor. This theory has a lot going for it. While my tubes look good, its entirely possible that the eggs aren't even being picked up given the presence of endometriosis on and around my ovaries. Yoda is great at what he does, but getting rid of all of it just isn't possible. Given that everything has looked good in terms of follicles and sperm on all my IUIs and none of them has worked, it stands to reason that the two sets of gametes just aren't meeting somehow. If true, this means I really do need IVF because nothing else can possibly work.

And speaking of the IUI cycle that couldn't possibly have worked but was necessary to get the IVF approval, Warren and I got to meet with the nurse who almost didn't let that happen as part of our marathon appointment last Thursday. She went on about the drug protocols for IVF, most of which I was somewhat familiar with already. At least she was good humored about the part where she had to tell us not to have unproctected you-know-what during the first eight days of the suppression cycle. Then she went on to the other drugs, then to egg retrieval. She got a bit animated when talking about what sort of anesthesia is used for retrieval. It apparently won't be as deep as for my surgery, but still pretty deep. The nurse started describing her happy, happy experience on just this kind of anesthesia. Um, yeah. I'm thinking maybe she did too much LDS in the sixties. She seemed oblivious to my vibe of 'I'm not in this for the drugs, I'm in this to reproduce.' This woman is not doing much to improve my impression of her. Apparently the Vallium for transfer is also something to look forward to, not just something I am going to reluctantly go along with because it will improve my chances.
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