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I Sense... not much

It may only be Cycle Day 19, but since I triggered so darn early in is 8 days past ovulation. Normally in any cycle where I had the slightest hope of getting pregnant my subconscious would be in overdrive by now. There would be all sorts of intestinal rumblings and odd gas pains to mistake for implantation, not to mention the faint tan spotting that obviously supports the theory. I might have split second episodes of light headedness or queasiness that my inner voice of hope screams at me about, telling me that this is proof that finally its going to happen. Well, there has been none of that this month. Either my subconscious has decided to stop messing with me or my inner voice of cynicism finally cracked and shot the inner voice of hope. Ambivalence seems to be filling in, and doing a fine job. You know how some people name their daughters Hope? I think Ambivalence would be a fine name for a little girl.
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