Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

How not to sell stuff to an infertile

About a month ago Margaret had mentioned in passing that she was registered at babycenter.com. This was not a hint on her part, it came up in regards to a conversation about shopping and leading questions from me, the person who has already knitted her 2.25 pairs of baby booties. Of course now that I had the information I was determined to buy her a gift, and the registry would be an easy way of obtaining said gift for my sibling on the opposite coast.

Well, I went to the site. Of course it immediately assumed that I was pregnant and in need of all sorts of advice and information on gestating and caring for a tiny person. Ha, I wish. Luckily it didn't take much searching to find the link to the store, and then the link to a registry search. There was Maggie's registry in all its glory, a scant dozen items, most of them ~$30. There was a grand total of one big ticket item, a Baby Bjorn carrier in olive, but it was out of stock. I really wanted to get her a big ticket item, figuring that her local friends are more likely to go for the $30 items. They had a option to email me when the item was back in stock, so I opted for that.

After talking to Margaret this weekend I know that her tests came back with good results. The only thing wrong with her pregnancy is that while she can still get into her size 4 jeans, she can no longer zip them. When the email came telling me that the carrier was back in stock it seemed like the perfect time to make the purchase, so I went to the site and started the whole online purchase procedure after swiftly clicking past the picture of the peach-fuzz covered baby telling me to enter my due date.

I got as far a check-out. They wouldn't let me proceed unless I logged in. There was another request to enter my due date. They wanted me to create an account so they could send me all sorts of information on pregnancy and babies. I'm betting none of their email includes helpful hints about what do with a partially full sharps container once you finally achieve that elusive positive. While there was an option not to receive these emails, I just could not do it. I just could not give these people my email address. Could. Not. Do. It. I'm just really stuck. I want to get Margaret something from her registry, but I just can't deal with that site.
Tags: ttc
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