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Please excuse the Gamesmaster...

...As of this morning, my left ovary (clearly celebrating the demise of Sideous) had produced a 18mm and a 19mm follicle, and my right ovary had a 16.5mm and a 15mm follicle. Based on that and the results of my blood test I recently got the word that I am to trigger tonight, then its off to the pod races tomorrow and Thursday morning.

Trigger shots are done at 10pm. The timing is important because you ovulate 12 to 36 hours after the shot. They do the IUIs so as to bracket this time and give you the best possible chance. Of course Tuesday night both Warren and I are running our seperate roleplaying games, so I'm going to have to do the shot in the middle of both runs. Of course my players all read lj, but I might startle some of Warren's gamers when I come back from the kitchen with an ice cold syringe.
Tags: roleplaying games, ttc
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