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I wasn't sure that I had emailed Kate last night about setting up the live journal account. I had a splitting headache and went to bed after I sent her email about the run tonight, and I just plain didn't remember if I sent the other email or not, or if I'd written it or not. My memory is normally pretty good, but stuff I do right before bedtime doesn't always make it into permanent storage, especially if there's a headache involved. It seems that I did, though, for she's listed me on her friends. Yay!

Now I just need to find everyone else who's hear and link myself up to this little community. I'm not so good with communities. I'm not so good at keeping friends either. Its mostly a communications problem. I don't do it very well. Its all too easy to retreat into my solitude when things aren't going well for me, and then its twice as difficult to establish the connections again. Perhaps I'll do better in electronic form, when I can pretend that I'm not talking to anyone at all, just typing my thoughts and experiences for my own enjoyment.
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