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The Daylilies - Elizabeth Unexplained
Lots of data but no answers
The Daylilies
Daylily season is drawing to a close. Its mostly just Summer Wine and a few of the other late ones blooming now. Peak bloom in mid July was spiffy, and I've gotten more than a month out of them so I'm happy. I've got an extra late bloomer that I'm hoping will give me something to look forward to in August. There's also the possibility of my rebloomers reblooming, but I've learned that rebloom is something you do not count on in New England. Of course I'd be more likely to get rebloom if my Stella d'Oro didn't need dividing so very badly. Does anyone want some of those? I'm really out of space for more daylilies, so if I divide them I need to give some away.


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