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Good against a cramps is one thing...

... good against infertility is something else.

It started late last night, the as pink staining on the toilet paper. There were no cramps then. This morning we're going full throttle. There are cramps now, but they are nothing like the cramps of before. I can say that Yoda's lightsaber has done me some good in that regard at least.

One of the things that makes endometriosis so darn hard to diagnos without laproscopy is the fact that its impossible to judge pain levels across differnent individuals. If someone reports that they are in a lot of pain, how much is that? If two people with the same condition report different amounts of pain, are they actually feeling different amounts of pain, or is one just whimpier than the other? Short of scanning people's brains while they're feeling said pain its hard to narrow down. I once played in an assassin game that had a torture mechanic, and my character had the highest pain threshold of anyone in the game. I'd like to think of myself as like that character, impervious to all but the worst, but I'm realistic enough to realize that the truth is probably less flattering. Thus, when I complained of cramps before, I didn't know if my really were bad, or if I was just being a big whimp. Post lap, I am now leaning towards the 'they really were pretty bad' because they are a whole lot better now.

The problem with endometriosis is that its nigh impossible to get rid of all of it. Yoda is a master of the lightsaber, but I'm sure there are small bits that he missed. Its the nature of the beast. Whether he got rid of enough that I can get pregnant remains to be seen, but it was worth the surgery to get the cramps reduced, even if that effect turns out to be temporary. Either way, we'll see what happens.

(Bonus points available for the first person to identify the Star Wars quote I adapted for this one.)
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