Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Trying *Really* Hard

I use fertility friend to track my cycles. Back when I was temping it was a lot handier for me than printed out sheets of paper on my dresser. I even bought a paid membership. In what may have been a rare moment of actually useful precognition I went for the slightly-more-expensive lifetime paid membership instead of the three month variety.

Aside from the charting feature, one of the benefits of FF is that they have message boards. The message boards aren't actually useful to me, but its nice to stop by occasionally and see proof that there are women who are even crazier and more desperate than I am. I came across a really prime example the other night.

There was a woman posting in the trying-more-than-a-year section who started a thread indicating that she wanted information about laparascopy and pain medication. Having just had that exact procedure, I clicked on it expecting that I could help... It turns out I was wrong, this woman is in need far more help than I can give.

I was expecting her question to be something sensible, like wanting to know what kind of pain killers might be given, and possible side effects, maybe a little reassurance that she wasn't going to be in agony. Well, she wanted to know about side effects all right, she wanted to know if the drugs would effect her chanced of conceiving during the same cycle as her lap was done.

This is either completely crazy or very, very stupid. First of all, you're going to have a surgeon going over all your reproductive bits and digging around with surgical instruments, and you're worried that a little pain pill is going to hamper your ovulation? Secondly, its standard practice to be told not to put anything you-know-where for two weeks following the surgery. Sure, maybe she thinks she's going to not comply with that (and let me tell you, the two week thing is not just some whim, I could tell based on how long the massive bruising lasted), but she thinks she's going to be in enough pain to need the pain pills and is still planning on doing you-know-what? I'm not sure if that's funny or just sad.
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