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Endometriosis and Me

My infertility is no longer totally unexplained, its now just somewhat unexplained.

Sidious, the dark lord of the cyst turned out to be an endometrioma, and there were some other bits of endometriosis hanging out in my insides. For those who don't know endometriosis is essentially a condition where bits of uterine lining tissue grow outside the uterus. This leads to infertility, not to mention a non-trivial amount of discomfort during your period. So there you have it, my infertility seems to have been caused by endometriosis.

Of course you might ask, 'Just how does endometriosis cause infertility'. In fact I did ask Yoda. His answer: "I wish I knew." That is the catch, no one know exactly why endometriosis causes infertility, just that it does. Yoda went on to explain further, and I shall include bits of his explanation with my own thoughts on the matter.

Now it seems obvious to me that having a 4.8 cm long bit of uterine lining tissue hanging out in your left ovary where it has no business being is not a good thing. Our good friend Sidious, or as the pathology folks call him "part A", was undoutedly thwarting me, but how exactly was he using his evil genius to thwart me? The first theory that Yoda explained was that when its time for your period the endometrioma emit some sort of chemical that interferes with implantation, thereby flushing perfectly good embryos. The catch to this theory is that they have not yet found any such chemical. Another possible mechanism is that the endometriosis interferes with with either the egg getting sucked into the fallopian tubes or it passing through. Yoda said that they'd tried testing this theory with dye and starchballs and such, but alas no of the test correlated at all well to whether or not women got pregnant, so they were pretty much useless. So its still a mystery as to what exactly is going on.

One of the things I love about Yoda is his willingness to get technical with me. If I ask a technical question, he gives me a technical answer. One of the things that Yoda brought up to support his assertions that I have a much better chance of conceiving now was a study. Its called the Endocan study. (I googled it later, couldn't find the study itself, but everything I did find backs Yoda up.) The study was done of women across Canada who had mild endometriosis. They all had surgery, but in half of them the endo was removed, and in half it was just observed and left in. The women who had their endo removed were 50% more likely to conceived than the women who had not had their endo removed. The obvious conclusion is that having the endo out boosts my chances to conceive quite a bit.

So there you have it. I have an explanation and a solution, but the explanation itself could use some explaining
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