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The Phantom Menace leads to A New Hope

As enugent suggested, it is indeed time to go back to the beginning of the series. As it turns out, either title is appropriate.

When last we left out story, Darth Sidious had recently been thrown down a reactor shaftremoved and dissected by Yoda. Now, our two heros have gone up the turbo lift at the Jedi Temple in Post Office Square to see what Yoda had to say about it. Yoda is always good at answering questions and even gave us a copy of the technical readout pathology report.

It turns out that Sidious was an endometrioma. Short version: I had early stage 2 endometriosis We have no idea how long he may have been there, a phantom menace indeed, seeing as how endo is very hard to detect with any certainty short of the surgery I just had. There is no telling how long this phantom menace has been lurking, thwarting my reproductive aspirations, but I have had painful cramps all along.

Where the A New Hope part of the story comes in is that Yoda is convinced that he has totally thwarted the dark side matter hanging out in and around my reproductive organs, which means he thinks I should have a much better change of getting pregnant. At the end of the appointment Warren asked for a hard statisticaly number. (Warren is the Best Husband Ever for getting up early to come with me and thinking of questions like that.) Yoda's answer was a 60% chance of getting pregnant if I tried for a year on my own, which is not what I'm going to do. What Yoda is suggesting that I do is go back to Grace Wendo and start the IUI thing all over again.

That brings us back to why its so appropriate that we loop back to the beginning of the series. You see, we are looping back to the beginning as far as the insurance is concerned. In case you didn't know, fertility treatment costs a fair amount of money. I don't know exactly how much mine costs, since I have coverage, but I've heard estimates of about $1000 to $1500 per IUI cycle, and ten times that much for IVF. In Massachusetts, infertility treatment must be included in medical insurance (hooray for liberal states). This means I have three IUIs with Clomid, three IUIs with gonadotrophins and three IVF cycles in which to get pregnant. Now, obviously none of those are guarenteed to work. The best statistical chance is an IVF cycle, with a 35% chance of getting the woman knocked up. Of course the more shots you get at rolling the dice the more chances you have of getting lucky. Now Sidious was detected after I'd already had two IUIs with Clomid. In fact I still have the drugs for the third cycle that never happened at home. Since Sidious was in there ruining any chance I might have for success those cycles were effectively wasted, however, because Yoda went in and removed Sidious and his dark-side pals, the clock gets set back on the insurance, and I get to start over fresh. That means nine covered cycles of treatment in which to get pregnant before the insurance declares me a lost cause. I just need to call Grace Wendo and schedule an appointment to see her again. Of course, I'll probably have to wait two weeks to see her, which means that the cycle that should start this week will be wasted, but that's ok. (Heh, theoretically we could conceive naturally that cycle, but that sort of thing only happens to other people.)

In other news my incisions are healing nicely, though Yoda remarked on the remains of the bruising, which make me think he thought I'd be alarmed by such vivid colors. Heh, a true jedi worries not about these things.

Alas, there are no pictures to post, as they are still at B&W, and it turns out I can't actually get copies to take home. I know you're all almost as crushed as I am to not get to see photos of my ovaries.
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